Tourmalated Quartz Mala Necklace

    Tourmalated Quartz Mala Necklace

    $ 108.00

    This Tourmalated Quartz mala necklace is hand-strung using hemp cord. This mala features real Tourmalated Quartz main beads and basalt (lava rock) spacer beads strung in a 7-21-52 pattern completing a 108 bead necklace. The pendant on this mala necklace is our Somkhor amulet is believed to bring the wearer great fortune and protect against poverty. Our amulet is cast in sterling silver and was created from the mold of an actual Somkhor amulet that was found in Nong Saeng, Thailand and believed to be nearly 200 years old. Bring good fortune into your life with our amulet pendant. 

    The tourmalated quartz spacer beads shares the properties of its components. Tourmaline has a grounding effect and a deflection of negative energy. Quartz acts as an energy amplifier and elevates the consciousness. Basalt (lava rock) the spacer beads, is a stone of strength and courage. It typically provides stability to those with changes occurring in their life. Basalt can also help diminish the negative aspects of ones character and allows us to see where improvements can be made. Since basalt was once molten lava, it is though to have the power of fire within it which gives it extra strength which it endows on its wearers. 

    Each of our mala necklaces use real stone beads and sterling silver amulets. Each of these are completely handmade and are made to order. If you would like a mala custom made with specific beads please send us an email at



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