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The Eye
The Eye
The Eye

    The Eye

    $ 28.00

    The Eye of Horus is cast from an ancient Egyptian bead. This ancient Egyptian design is the symbol of good health, royalty, power, and protection. The Eye of Horus is personified in the goddess Wadjet and who was one of the first Egyptian deities. This symbol is often called a Wadjet, or Eye of Horas. These symbols were often used in funerary pieces as symbols of protections for the afterlife. 

    Horus is an Egyptian sky gold represented pictorially as a falcon. His right eye represented the sun god Ra and the symbolism of the Eye comes from the marking around the eye of a falcon, including the characteristic teardrop shape found beneath the eye. 

    Our Eye of Horus is cast from an ancient Egyptian bead dating between 600 and 300 BCE. We made a mold of this fascinating artifact and cast it in a lustrous sterling silver.  

    Product Specifications:

    • Length: 0.445 inches (11.25 mm)
    • Width: 0.385 inches (9.78 mm)

    *Measurements are approximate

    Necklace: Black genuine leather necklaces with sterling silver clasps are available in 16 in, 18 in. and 20 in. lengths for an additional $10. These necklaces are not handmade by Crucible Concepts. 


    All of our products are handmade to order by one craftsman. Though we try to keep a few pieces in stock at all times in many cases it may take up to 7 days to fulfill and ship your order. 

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