The Jewelry

The jewelry made by Crucible Concepts is inspired by a rich history of world evolution and cultural antiquity. Each piece we fashion owes its roots to some form of ancient design that comes either from natural designs shaped over the course of millions of years, or from the hands of a craftsman from centuries past. Here at Crucible Concepts, we believe history is something that should be celebrated and enjoyed in daily life. It is our mission to bring these designs to you in the form of beautiful handmade sterling silver pendants. Each of our ancient inspired pieces are handmade in Waco, Texas, and are cast from recycled silver and gold.

Crucible Concepts now also offer vintage and fine estate jewelry ans well as precious gemstones. These pieces vary in age and style but all offer a unique chance to own a storied piece to treasure for years. 

The Process

Each of our pieces originates from an original artifact or ancient pattern using a centuries old technique known as lost wax casting. In this process a mold is very carefully created from the original piece, from which, true size wax replicas can be produced. These wax replicas are then sprued (welded) together, placed in a steel flask, and filled with a fine plaster investment. After curing, the flask is fired in a kiln for five hours, which allows the wax to melt out leaving hollow chambers in the plaster. This flask (while still hot!) is placed into a cradle on a spin casting arm adjacent to a crucible filled with molten silver. This arm is spring loaded and when released forces the molten silver into the flask through centrifugal force. Once cool, the plaster is broken out of the flask leaving silver replicas of the original piece. From here, each piece is filed, sanded, and polished by hand before leaving the shop and arriving at your door.

This process allows everyone the option to wear ancient inspired pieces everyday while ensuring that they are not damaging real pieces of history.

The Craftsman

Each of our pieces is created from the hard work of our craftsman Collin. His passion for everything old was instilled in him by his grandmother, Mary, from a very young age. This passion is what inspires his designs today. As a craftsman, Collin began creating from a very young age working in wood, silver, and leather. Today, Collin works in a local jewelry shop in Waco, Texas, as a bench jeweler learning the trade. It is here, in his free time that he creates all the ancient inspired pieces available from Crucible Concepts.

Aside from his jewelry, Collin recently graduated from Tarleton State University, earning his Bachelor of Science in Environmental Geoscience and his Master of Science in Environmental Science. It was during his undergraduate and graduate studies that he developed a deep care and sense of responsibility for the environment. For this reason, all of the silver used in our casting comes from recycled sterling flatware sets acquired from flea markets, garage sales, and antique shops. In addition, all of our packaging is made from 100% recycled materials, is 100% recyclable, and is sourced from companies with minimal environmental impact.

The Team

The Crucible Concepts team is composed of Collin (the craftsman) and Hannah (the office manager). Together they find new and interesting designs to create and pictures to take. While Collin creates all of the pieces, Hannah is responsible for ensuring that our social media is up to date and on point. Each week when preparing shipments, Collin readies each piece for shipment while Hannah packages each of shipments ensuring each receives a hand written card.

Providing good customer service is our top priority. This is why Collin and Hannah meticulously sort through each order giving it the time and attention it deserves before it is shipped.  

Thank you for shopping with us, we appreciate your business!

If for any reason you need to get into contact with us, please feel free to email us at, send us a text at (254) 307-6684, or message us on Facebook or Instagram.



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