Halloween Sale

by Collin Kubacakon October 30, 2016

Hello All,

Starting tonight at midnight there will be a Halloween Sale! All you have to do is enter "Spooky31" at checkout to receive 31% off your purchase. If you have been waiting to make your purchase now is the time to do it, but you have to hurry, the sale ends at 11:59 PM on October 31st!

You will also notice we have a new product especially for Halloween, "The Key", which is molded from a 12th to 15th century coffin key. Especially fitting for Halloween. If you have been following our products waiting for new arrivals The Key is the first of many to come. Right now we are planning to release up to five new designs before Christmas, so be sure to follow our Instagram account (@madebyfour) and our blog to get the latest on new products and sales!




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